natural. virgin. cold press.

Merica Olive Oils

Merica Olive Oil is a story about golden value fruit. We call it olive.

Our story started in 2010. The major city of the Northern Aegeis, called Ayvalık, which has already the geografical sign for olive oil.

Most olive tree plantations are present on the West coast of Turkey.
The trees are perfectly adapted in the climate and soils of the windy downhills of the coast thus producing an excellent oil, commanding the highest reputation and recognition.

The distinct golden green colours and fine aromas, the light fruity taste and the thickened juice texture are best balanced in Ayvalık olive oil, which is located at the Northern coast of Aegeis.

After we start to develop the olive plantations with natural methods and organic fertilisers the olives are picked up carefully and the oil is extracted in hygenic conditions on the same day in order to reach the maximum values for taste and smell.

Merica Olive Oil is certified from degustation experts and filled in glass bottles within requested volumes and types in hygenic conditions.